Wednesday, July 30, 2008

22: I went PHRFing with some people from work on a Melges 32. Wednesday night beer can racing in light air. We were the fastest boat in the fleet and a leg ahead at the finish but who knows what happened on corrected time. The highlight of the night was tacking arouund the leward mark with the spinnaker up after a big wind shift.

Monday, July 21, 2008

More Pictures from Michael Bagley.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

21: Barnegat Breezer
Race 1: The wind was about ten knots out of the Southwest going South as the sea breeze filled. We had a good start in the middle and were in the top group going out to the left. There is lots of power boat traffic in the channel on the far right so the left with flat water is usually a safe bet at this regatta. There is also a lefthand shore that causes a lefthand shift on the port layline when the wind is out of the seabreeze direction.
The two boats in front of us tacked out early, but we went to the layline and found a little more wind to round first. We stayed there and won the race.

Race 2: The wind was building to about 18 knots. We had a terrible start and had to tack out which was not the way we wanted to go. Fortunately we found a nice puff before we got too far right which allowed us to tack back left and be about mid-fleet. We climbed back up to third, at the last mark and just caught Wally and Gladys at the finish to get second.

Race 3 and 4: Were in the 20 to 25 knot range. Our speed was good but we were making mistakes. Fortunately we didn't flip, and a bunch of people did, so we managed to finish with two 3's in the last two races of the day.

Race 1: Wind was about 10 to 12 kts out of the Southwest again. We had a good start and a clear lane out left with good speed to round in second in a tight pack of three. We had great speed downwind and got out in front to win the race.

Race 2: Was about 18-20 knots. We were set up for a terrible start so we got on the trapeezes and started racing down the line about 20 seconds before the start hoping to get to the pin. We got there but had a second row start. Fortunately we were able to foot under one boat and get into free air. We must have had good speed because we were first to the mark and won the race.

We won the regatta and I think we have wrapped up the Division 11 High Points spot for the season. What a great weekend -- warm and windy both days. You can't beat that.

Thanks to Michael Bagley for the pictures.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

19: I spent the afternoon racing Sonars at Sachems Head Yacht Club with an old friend of mine. We had a nice one design fleet of about 12 boats. The wind was out of the East at about 10 knots, about as good as it gets on the Sound during the summer. We won two races and finished about third in the last race. Not a bad afternoon.