Sunday, July 11, 2010

16: Newport Regatta
The Giuliano brothers were smoking fast in the light stuff this weekend and won the regatta. Feeny and I were second with Krantz making the trip from GA to take third.
We had a great start in the first race and got out in front early and lead at eveny mark in single trapping conditions. In the second race we had a terrible start and got bounced around on the first beat. We were in third and jibed into a hole downwind droping us to 5 or six. We salvaged a 4 when some of the leaders sailed the wrong course. In the thirdd race on Saturday we wanted to go right but got pinned out left a bit too long after the start. We made some good moves on the run and salvaged a third.
After Saturday we were three points behind the Giuliano brothers. We were winning the first race on Sunday with the brothers in second but that race was abandoned. The one race that counted on Sunday was an up and back drifter. We rounded the first mark in second behind Todd and Brendan. Sandra was behind us and ground us down in about three knots. We finished the race in third and the brothers finished in fifth to win by a point. Nice work guys.


Video of Feeny and I making a nice move to the inside of the brothers in race 3. Unfortunately they passed us back on the beat.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

14: Statue Race
Chris and I had a great start but were slow off the line and didn't really recover. I think we must have had a bag on our rudder or something. We did have fun in mostly two sail reaching conditions that were puffy and shifty.
Unfortunately Liza broke her leg the day before so I was in the hospital all night and didn't get much sleep. She's recovering as we speak.