Monday, May 12, 2008

10: Rehoboth

Saturday: Wind was out of the NE at about 5 to 10 knots and shifty. Just about everyone could tell the same story at one point during the day, "we were headed about 10 deg so we tacked and the next thing we knew we were headed again." That's everyone except for Randy and Janet who won the first three races of the day sailing their new boat with the bold green sail.

It was a connect the puffs kind of day where you always had to be thinking about what kind of wind you were sailing into. Randy and Janet did that the best by far. Liza and I sailed well to finish the day in second.

Sunday was our day. The wind was out of the SE and building all day. With a left hand shore there tends to be convergence on the left side of the course in this condition and go left was our basic plan for the day. In the first race we won the pin and got out left but boats were lifted inside us. We tacked in a good wind line and got to the mark in third (I think). The right side paid because the breeze was still settling in and shifting persistently to the right. We had a good down wind leg going fast, staying in the puffs and jibing on the lifts to round the bottom mark in first. We went right for the remaining legs as the breeze was still shifting and maintained our lead to win the race.

For the next two races the wind increased. It was also more steady so the convergence on the left shore started to pay off. The last two races were basically the same story. We had a good start at the pin and ripped out left for more wind and a bit of a left shift. On top of that we were going fast. Bob has finally learned how to foot when the breeze is up.

We won the last two races and the regatta. Randy and Janet were second. Rich and were Fluffy third. The complete results are here. Next stop is Madcatter.

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