Saturday, May 16, 2009

Only one race today before the storm came through. We had a good start but Cliff was pinching below us. The Korz team rolled us to windward so we tacked. We did ok on the right side but were a bit too raked. We rounded the top mark in about fifth. We had a good run but didnt pass anyone. On the second beat we found some holes and lost a few boats. Towards the end of the second run there was a big right shift. We rounded the starbord gate behind a pack of boats but we were able to tack before the group. By this time the shift was bringing lots of wind and we were close reaching towards the windward mark. We rounded in second and had a nice trapeeze reach to the finish. A lucky second. Figueroa/Burrios won the race. Cliffy and DIane wereg right behind us in third.

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