Wednesday, August 05, 2009

32: The mast stayed up today. Race 1 was light and we got stuck behind a pack of boats before the satrt and were dead in the water. We had to tack out to the unfavored side. We had good runs and got to the left on the next beat passing boats. We finished 23rd. Not so hot.
The next race, was still light, we started at the pin but had another bad start. Fortunately we were able to foot left and tacked before the group getting a clear lane. We rounded in the top ten. On the run we passed some boats and rounded the gate first. We headed out left but some boats got their own puff and lifted inside of us. We were third at the windward mark and the course was shortened. So we got a third. Unfortunately the wind shut down for the day and that was it. Not enough to make the Glod fleet. We needed four races today after not finishing any races yesterday.

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