Monday, October 05, 2009

42: Sharkey’s Cup:
Saturday started off with light air out of the south but was building all day. We had four races and the last 2 and a half were in about 15+ knots. Finally we had some good double trapping and de-powering. 2o boats showed up with some great competition. We had two 3’s a first and a 7th for the day to stand in second behind Mark and Sandra counting three firsts and an OCS.
Sunday started off light and built a bit for some on and off double trapeezing. We had three races. Our first race we had a great start but went to the wrong side and had a terrible result. Race two we had a terrible start and messed up again. Finally in the third race we got a good start at the pin and managed to win the race.
Mark and Sandra won the regatta, and high points for the season. We finished second winning a tiebreaker with Geoff and Krista.

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