Saturday, May 22, 2010

8: Madcatter. Wow what a day. It was about 70 deg and sunny with building breeze all day. Race one started out kind of light with some single trapping. We had a nice start with a heavy pin favored line. All boats tacked to port right away. We then got a big header so I started to tack then changed my mind and just got stuck in irons instead. We had an ok comeback but it was not a great race.
The second race
Race two we were kind of deep going down the first run but rounded the starbord gate and went right. The rest of the fleet mostly went left. We god a nice little right hand puff on the starbord layline and got into the top group. We jibed imediately after the weather mark and got into more of that puff and were in first for a while. We finished second.
Race three we had a bad start but it was windy by this point so we were at the back of the top group at the windward mark. We had good speed and got a few more boats to finish maybe 5th.
The last race we had another not so great start at the pin but it was windy enough to foot below a few b oats and not loose too much. We had an ok race and finished somewhere in the single digits again.
Not a bad day for our first race day of the year.

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