Sunday, June 07, 2009

15: Sandy Hook Catamaran Club Regatta
Race 1 on Saturday was light out of the North West. We had a bad start and tacked out right then tacked back short of layline. We got left in the last quarter of the beet and got a left hand shift that got us back in the top group. After a good run we got up to second and held that for the finish.
Race 2 started light out of the North West we had a good start and went left. We tacked to port on Modermans hip but had trouble holding our lane. We rounded in third. On the run there was a 180 degree shift and we were beating to the gate. The RC shortened course and one boat rounded the gate wrong so we moved up to second.
We got in an additional two races in the seabreeze. I forgot what happened exactly but we had the boat going well and got a 1,3 to finish the day.
Sunday looked like it was going to be a no wind day but the sea breeze filled in at about 10 knots and we had two god races. We won the first race of the day going fast upwind and down wind. On the second race we had a bad start, rolled at the pin. Good speed got us back into third at the top mark. After that we started making a lot of risky moves and kept doubling down on our losses. We finished 7th. our throw out.
We won the regatta.
Full results are here.

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