Sunday, June 14, 2009

18: Spray Beach. Tough weekend. Right before the first race our mast fell down when the bridle shackle came open. We got a tow back to the beach and got out for the second race. The wind was about 15 knots and our speed was great. In that race and in the third race we had bad starts but won the races by picking our way back through the fleet. The last race of the day we finished 5th but withdrew after a miscommunication about room to tack.
Day two started out light and very shifty. In the first race we had another bad start but worked our way through the fleet to win. The breeze picked up for the next two races. In race three we were doing ok when Liza fell off the boat because her trapeze ball came out of the harness. We got back in there and finished 9th. We got a fourth in the last race.
Mark and Gladice had nice consistent scores to win the weekend.
Full results here.
Should be some pictures on the way also.

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