Tuesday, July 21, 2009

27: A little better today. The wind was light from the east. First race we had a good start and got out left to the favored side but our speed was not good. We got rolled 3/4 of the way up the leg and had a bad position at the windward mark. We had a good run and raked a bit more to help us point. We managed a 6.
Second race was difficult. We had to tack out after the start then had to do a crash tack to avoid a starboard tacker. We were in about 40th at the windward mark. There was a big left shift and so the run was a fetch. on the next beat we got hard left and got a good left shift and puff to get us back into the game. We finished 21st.
Last race for the day we were set up for a good start until someone luffed us on the line at about 20 seconds. Both of us ended up in irons at the start. We tacked out and went right and rounded in about ten. We jibed on some good shifts on the run and got into first. We managed to hold our lead for the next lap but the Guatemalan kids got us at the finish and we got a second.

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MJ said...

Why was the left side favored?