Friday, July 03, 2009

I got all new rigging from Murrays and didn’t specify the lengths which was a mistake. The bridle dimensions where fine 3 ft 8 inches. The forestay was too short and the shrouds were on the long side. The longer forestay required that I put the second adjuster-plate back on the bridle (like on most 16’s). This drives me crazy. Of all the places to add extra weight the bow is probably the second worst, second only to the top of the mast. My old forestay was exactly 19 feet long, and it was perfect (no extra adjuster required). The old shrouds were 18 feet 11 inches and I had them pinned three holes up from the bottom of the adjuster plate. The new ones need to go all the way to the bottom which makes me uncomfortable because I can only adjust them in one direction.
What I do like about the Murrays rigging is that they use less weight aloft. The trap wires only use one ring for each side and the forestay doubles up with the jib halyard tail in the same way.
The moral of the story is if you order new rigging go with 18’ 11’’ on the shrouds and 19’ on the forestay.

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