Wednesday, August 11, 2010

22: F18 North Americans
We had an up and down day today but not so good on balance. First race we had a decent start in light air and did an ok job connecting the puffs upwind. We were in the top five for a while but missed a few puffs on the runs and finished 13 th.
The next race we got fouled at the start and forced to the wrong side. We jibed at the top mark and sailed too high to the wrong side on the first run. I think we were in last or close to it at the leased mark. We got a few back but not many.
The third race we had a great start at the pin and were out in the top group going towards pressure on the left. The wind was picking up and we were actually double trapping. We were in second for three legs but missed a puff on the second run to loose a few boats. We got into some left pressure and hit a few shifts and got back a few to finish fourth.
The last race we had an ok start but got squeezed after a few minutes. We made two tacks and were looking ok. We got a heading puff and tacked on it but we should have continued left to more pressure. Instead we sailed out of breeze on the right and were deep at the first mark. We steadily gained boats the whole race to finish twenty something.

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