Sunday, August 29, 2010

26: Newport Unlimited Regatta
We only sailed one race on Saturday. On Sunday we didn't leave the beach.
The one race we had was extremely light. We won the heavily favored boat end with Mike and Tripp to leeward. We lost a bit on them but held our lane until we could tack to the middle to stay in the breeze. We got some good pressure and rounded the first mark in second. The brothers caught us on the run sailing a little deeper. The next beat was tough. We got out left of the fleet and had the best pressure until the wind shut off everywhere. The current was setting us over the layline and we ended up setting spinnakers in the last 100 yards to the windward mark. Sandra got around us at the mark. We hit the mark but were able to do our circle going with the current so we didn't loose anyone. We finished fourth. Mike and Tripp won.

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