Monday, June 09, 2008

14: Sandy Hook
It was a hot weekend with temps in the 90's. Saturday I expected a seabreeze that never came. We had a few light air races with winds out of the south. In the first race we had a come from behind third fighting with Tyler Myers at the finish. The kids are good. In the second race we though we were OCS and went back then proceeded to sail to the wrong side of the course to round in last. We finished 10th of 12 boats on the water. Ouch. Good thing we won the last race of the day to save our pride.
Sunday was not much better we had a 6, 4, 1, lucking out in the last race to get a big left shift on the shore going from fourth to first. That was the tie breaker that gave us the regatta win we didn't expect. Bill and Lyn tied us for first. Mark and new crew Gladis finished third. Full results here.

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