Monday, June 16, 2008

16: Spray Beach.

Saturday, what a day, warm and windy. The first race was only moderate trapeezing but building. I forget what happened but Liza and I won the race.
In the second race it was about 15 knots and we had a nice mid-line start. Mark and Mike won the pin and were in the lead off the line. We both went left but M&M over stood a little and we got to the mark in first. They passed us back at one point but then got hurt on the right in the last beat. We were on the left with Rich and Carol and got the lead back at the top of the last beat and won the race.
Race three it was up around 18 knots. We had a second row start and had to bail out to the right and paid for it. We were somewhere around last at the first mark. Despite working hard for the rest of the race we only got back to 8th.
Race four on Saturday was a drag race out to the left in breeze. We were well raked with jib leads 5 inches out and Liza was dropping the traveler in the puffs. M&M had an edge on speed but we hung tough with Rich and Carol close behind.
Sunday was light. We got in one race duking it out with M&M again. Mark and Mike got to the top mark in first but we got buy them down wind. We rounded the left gate to go left and they went the other way. They got a nice right shift and passed us back along with a few other boats.
On the run M&M along with Jim and Rakel were sailing low above the port layline trying to make the gate. We sailed higher and did the extra jibe and got an overlap to catch them. We all went right and we managed to hold them off for a second and the win.
Full results.

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