Sunday, June 29, 2008

18: Shore Acres

Saturday, race 1 was light and lumpy with powerboat chop. We were in a terrible position in the middle of the line about twenty seconds before the start. Trying to get out of trouble we jibed out and tried to salvage a late port tack start at the boat. This sent us off to the right but it was looking like the left had more wind. We tacked back to the left but it was too late. We were last to the left and almost last to the first mark. We only managed a seven.
In Race 2 the breeze was building to just double trapping. We pullet the rig way up and had good speed after a nice start. Fortunately we managed to get out in front and stay there to win the race.
Race 3 we were too early to the line and had to dip down a bit just before the gun. The fleet got a jump on us and we were third row quickly. To make matters worse we fouled another boat when we tacked out and had to do a circle. The breeze had increased and we had good speed to stay in the mix. On the second beat we got to the right of the fleet and got a nice right shift to make a gain. We played some shifts on the run to catch a few more and ended up in third with a nice comeback.
The last race of the day was windy (over 20 knots) We had a great start and good speed it was quickly a three boat race between us the Payne's and Wally and Gladys. Rich and Fluffy had been launched but fell back after some swimming. The Payne's flipped late in the race and we managed to stay out in front to win.
Sunday race 5 was light again but I was thinking that the breeze was building so we had the rig pulled way up. We had a good start but were not pointing well and rounded the first mark in fourth of fifth. We had a slow first run as well and lost a few more. We eased the right off and had better speed for the rest of the race but passing lanes were hard to find.
Race 6 was another good start with good speed in just double trapping conditions. We rounded the first mark in third. Tyler and Andy were winning with Wally and Gladys in second. At the gate Tyler forced us both to the starboard gate. We got around Wally on the run and lead out to the right. It didn't look like we needed to go left at this point so we went right with good speed, nailed the layline and rounded in first. Wally tacked short of the layline and lost some boats.
We won another squeaker by one point over Wally and Gladys. Rich and Fluffy were third. Full results are on the Division 11 website.

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